Balmoral Hotel Sticker

Balmoral Hotel Sticker

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Screen printed vinyl sticker.

The Balmoral Hotel is a nine-storey, Chicago-syle early skyscraper, with Edwardian details, located on East Hastings Street in close proximity to the historic Gastown district.



Built in 1911-1912 at the peak of prosperity, the Balmoral Hotel is representative of the city's entrepreneurial optimism for the future. Vancouver had by that time become firmly established as the financial distribution, shopping and manufacturing centre of British Columbia.


In a September 1912 announcement of the official opening of the Balmoral Hotel, the journal Architect, Builder, and Engineer notes that construction of this first-class hotel 'will relieve some of the former congestion in hotel circles of the day'. This type of high-class establishment would have accommodated commercial businessmen and wealthy travellers to the area, rather than the seasonal workers who lived in less elaborate hotels and lodgings. The Balmoral Hotel, like many other buildings in and around Gastown, served a combined function of providing commercial space on the ground floor and accommodation and lodging on the upper floors, contributing to the bustling street-level retail activity in the area. It is interesting to note that the Balmoral Hotel has been in continuous use as a hotel since 1912.